Campsite Information

No deposit required to reserve a site. Please provide your full name & phone number and confirm your reservation two (2) weeks prior to your arrival to keep your reservation with us.

$25.00 per day for two people
$5.00 for extra persons 18 years & older

$25.00 per day for two people
$5.00 for extra persons 18 years & older
$5.00 per day parking fee for non-campers
$5.00 per day, per horse for Open Pens
$10.00 per day Covered Pens
$10.00 per day for Barn Stalls*
$10.00 per pen cleaning fee at end of stay
(Picket poles available at some sites)
(Terms: Cash or Checks only with ID)

$30.00 Flat rate

New dump station, shower available at office, two 12 x 12' stalls at each electric site.


  • Electric fence acceptable at some sites
  • Pets must be kept on leashes or in pens (ie; Corps of Engineers Rules for Dogs on the Trail-Article 327.11: No person shall bring dogs, cats or other pets into developed recreation areas or adjacent waters unless penned, caged, on a leash under six feet in length, or otherwise physiclaly restrained.) No dogs allowed to run free on horse trails period!!! Due to having so many riders out on trail. All dogs must stay in your camp area or be leashed period. Too many complaints about dogs running around camp.
  • Alcohol must be kept at own camp (Please drink responsibly. Violators will be banned from the facilities.)
  • Campers are responsible for cleaning their pens or stalls and hitching area before leaving the campground. Or we will clean them for $3.00 per horse per day.

*There are two 12x12' stalls at each site for rent. You are only charged if they are used.

All horses and mules including foals must have a current negative Coggins test.

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